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Pulstar Natural Gas

Industrial Spark Plugs

Patented internal capacitor creates a high-intensity pulse that ionizes the air-fuel mixture and saturates it with combustion-enhancing plasma.


Pulstar Spark Plugs
Industrial Spark Plugs for Natural Gas Fuels

Natural gas fuels such as CNG, LNG and LPG present significant economic and environmental advantages in industrial applications but are harder to ignite and do not contain the energy (BTU) content of gasoline or diesel. This leads to hard starting, rough idle, loss of power and increased fuel consumption.

Pulstar Spark Plugs address these problems through the use of innovative plasma-assisted combustion technology; improving ignition and accelerating flame kernel propagation.

Innovative Technology

Pulstar Spark Plugs use a patented internal capacitor, developed with the help of a US Department of Energy laboratory, to store and compress energy delivered by the ignition coil prior to spark formation; forming a 5MW nanosecond pulse upon ionization of the gap.

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Plasma-assisted Combustion

Pulstar's capacitor releases a high-intensity electrical pulse that ionizes the gaseous air-fuel mixture, forming highly excited plasma. This excited plasma is extremely benefical to fuel combustion, resulting in instant ignition and a rapid burn.

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Patented Capacitor

Pulstar has 28 patents issued throughout US, EU, Canada, China, Mexico, Australia and Japan. The capacitor is formed by the internal solid copper gas seal acting as a positive plate, the metal shell as a negative plate, and the ceramic insulator as a dielectric media.

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Testing at highly regarded independent laboratories has confirmed the benefits Pulstar's plasma-assisted combustion technology. With annual fuel prices of more than $1M per engine, a 2.8% reduction in fuel consumption is a yearly savings of $25,000 per engine.

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Whether you need higher energy output, reduced emissions, or better fuel economy;
see what plasma-assisted combustion can do for your engine.

Don’t know the plug you need? See our cross-reference to conventional spark plugs.

“Scientists know that by introducing plasma… near or at the location where the flame ignites… new chemical species are produced that catalyze combustion”.

— American Physical Society

Test Results


Existence of Plasma

Tests conducted at one of the US’s largest certified independent research and development institutes visibly captured the non-equilibrium plasma zone created by Pulstar. Using Schlierin photography in a quiescent pressure vessel, the institute captured the instant the resistance in the spark plug gap was overcome and a spark produced. These images are single frames taken […]


Faster Burn

AVL is an Austrian-based automotive consulting firm and independent research institute. They are well known in the automotive industry and among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Captured by AVL using a process known as Schlieren high-speed photography, this video shows Pulstar’s 5MW pulse followed by the plasma affected fuel mixture burning at an increased rate compared […]


Reduced CoV of IMEP

Pulstar Spark Plugs have shown combustion improvement in average engines. Atmos Energy, a natural gas compression company, tested the effect of Pulstar Spark Plugs on large diameter (over 12”) cylinder engines. Conducted on a Clark TLAD-8 3,200 horsepower integral compression reciprocating engine, Pulstar Spark Plugs showed noticeable cycle-to-cycle combustion consistency. Data was gathered by getting […]


Consistent Ignition

Olson Ecologics, an EPA certified test facility, tested ignition consistency and power output of Pulstar Spark Plugs. A Cummins ISL G 8.9L running on CNG was installed on a dynamometer test stand and a power pull was conducted using the Cummins recommended spark plugs. A second power pull was completed after switching to Pulstar Spark […]

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Enerpulse Technologies

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Enerpulse Technologies, Inc. is a publicly traded company (OTCQB: ENPT) headquartered in Albuquerque, N.M. Founded in 2004; the company develops and manufactures ultra-high performance, low emissions ignition products through the application of pulse power technology.