Pulstar Spark Plugs

Existence of Plasma

Existence of Plasma

Tests conducted at one of the US’s largest certified independent research and development institutes visibly captured the non-equilibrium plasma zone created by Pulstar. Using Schlierin photography in a quiescent pressure vessel, the institute captured the instant the resistance in the spark plug gap was overcome and a spark produced. These images are single frames taken from the 64,000/ fps video; they compare the spark of a conventional premium fine wire iridium spark plug to the discharge of Pulstar’s embedded capacitor taken at the identical cycle time. This test captured Pulstar’s intense electrical discharge successfully producing a plasma field.

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Enerpulse Technologies, Inc. is a publicly traded company (OTCQB: ENPT) headquartered in Albuquerque, N.M. Founded in 2004; the company develops and manufactures ultra-high performance, low emissions ignition products through the application of pulse power technology.